We have begun the transition of Wayfinder from Digital Extremes to Airship Syndicate.

We thank Digital Extremes for helping jumpstart Wayfinder and getting us to this point in our journey.

Airship Syndicate owns the Wayfinder IP, and we have no plans to stop developing the game. We look forward to continuing to grow the game alongside our players as we take on operations.

The game has a long way to go in Early Access, but with belief from our players and our dedicated Airship crew, we can - and will! - get there.

Airship Syndicate

This website will not be updated during this transition period. Please visit discord.gg/wayfinder and our socials to stay up to date on the game and its development.

Available Now

On PlayStation® and PC

Become a Wayfinder, and unlock their powers as you choose your path and playstyle while pushing back a hostile force that has overtaken your world. Directly shape and customize the adventures you go on with friends, because Wayfinders are stronger together.

Take Back Your World

With fast-paced action gameplay, you have the ability to become a powerful Wayfinder. Join your friends to explore new areas, hunt valuable beasts, and take on dangerous expeditions in order to push back against the evil that threatens your world.

Explore Your Way

On every hunt and expedition into the Gloom you’ll discover new locations, beasts and materials. Use them to craft new weapons and gear to awaken powerful new Wayfinders. Collect every weapon and housing item, read every book, and discover all the locations to complete your Atlas and increase your mastery.

Control the Chaos

Customize every play experience by stepping through a doorway of endless adventures with the help of a mysterious device known as a Gloom Dagger. Each adventure has unique modifiers and challenges you conjure and control, customizing what you hunt, and gather.

Become a Wayfinder

Wayfinders are born of the Gloom, but sworn to push it back to reconnect humanity. Wielding arcane magic, mystical tech, or cunning weapons, only Wayfinders can slay the invading forces and push back the Gloom. Customize the way you fight by choosing your weapons and gear and augmenting your powers with the echoes of your fallen foes.

New Wayfinders added every season

The Seeker


Wingrave is a templar clad in spell-forged armor and sustained by his faith in the Architects. He’s a natural leader and true champion, always ready to defend the innocent and to smite the forces of evil.

Righteous Strike

Hitting an enemy causes an explosion of healing energy to shoot out and heal Wingrave & nearby allies

Radiant Pulse

Forms a Divine Shield that blocks projectiles and boosts defense of allies standing behind it.


Marks enemies for judgement. Anyone hitting a Judged enemy will restore their own health.

Divine Aegis

A powerful barrier that makes anyone standing in it immune to damage and heals them over time

Character Wingrave
The Tactician


Swift and precise, Silo makes every shot count. Born into a family of smugglers, he spent his life running under the radar and challenging tyrants. Now he's using those same skills to fight the Gloom. Silo loves long odds—the greater the challenge, the greater the thrill.

Fire Bomb

Toss a Fire Bomb that ignites enemies, dealing damage over time. Causes a chain reaction with Oil Bomb.

Oil Bomb

Leaves a pool of Oil in front of Silo, slowing enemies and causing them to take additional damage.


Dash backwards, leaving behind a clone that pulls nearby enemies in. The clone will taunt nearby enemies into attacking it until it expires.

Arc Nemesis

Silo sends out EGG to shock all enemies in the area dealing a burst of damage. EGG remains in the area for a short time, slowing and damaging nearby enemies.

Character Silo
The Shadow Dancer


Niss is kin to the shadows, and darkness serves as her weapon and her cloak. She is one of the Deep Eldren, an ancient people who now serve the malevolent Precursors. When Niss and her clan challenged the Precursors, her family was wiped out and Niss escaped into exile. Deadly and swift, Niss cares little for humanity. But she has sworn to destroy the Precursors, and the Seekers can help her take her revenge.

Shadow Step

Dash in a line, dealing damage. After a short delay a Gloom clone will dash from your initial position to you, dealing damage to enemies.

Umbral Aura

Niss is empowered by Umbral magic, causing her next three dodges to pierce a nearby enemy with shadow.

Vengeful Shade

Briefly become immune to attacks and damage enemies in front of Niss.

Gloom Shroud

For the next few seconds, Shadow Step can be used at no cost.

Character Niss
The Champion


Before the Gloom swallowed the warrior, Senja was the greatest gladiator in the history of the Imperial Arena. She is the last of the Iron Sisters, a league of warriors from the distant Dominion of the Seven Winds, and she smites her enemies with both storm and steel.

Gladiator Pummel

Punch forward, then hold to Showboat. On release Senja punches again and buffs her next Weapon Attack. Fully Showboating increases the damage of the followup punch.

Gain Favor

Hold to Showboat for the roaring crowd filling your Favor. On release, taunts nearby enemies while buffing Senja and her allies.

Lightning Grasp

Use lightning to pull all displaceable enemies towards Senja in a large area.

Grand Finale

In the form of a lightning spear, Senja charges to smash an enemy, dealing massive damage to them and fully filling the Crowd's Favor.

Character Senja
The Warmage


Arcane power flows through Kyros, and he can unleash this force to devastate his enemies. He's the last survivor of a forgotten civilization, a wizard who transformed his flesh into pure mystical energy. Though his people are long lost, he's sworn to keep the Gloom from destroying the world that remains.

Savage Rake

Rakes the ground with violent energy, dealing damage to all enemies in front of Kyros. Arcane Fragments can be consumed to cast Savage Rake at no cost.

Siphon Radiant

Releases a wave of energy around Kyros that damages enemies and absorbs arcane power, reducing cooldowns and granting an Arcane Fragment.

Arcane Focus

Marks enemies in an area. As enemies are hit, the mark builds up in power and detonates at max, or when it expires.

Hand of Reckoning

Deals massive damage to enemies in a large radius around Kyros.

Character Kyros
The Alchemist


The Venomess is a deadly spy from the Maze, and her poisons have changed the course of history. But the Gloom has swallowed both the Maze and the Empire, and her secret war is over. Ven's a survivor, and for now the Seekers are the only game in town.


Shoot a volley of poison needles that lock-on to nearby enemies, dealing damage. Hitting an enemy with a needle causes a healing projectile to seek a nearby Wayfinder. These projectiles heal over time based on the number of stacks of Venom on the source enemy.

Vampiric Blast

Launch a bomb that absorbs up to 5 nearby Poison Clouds. After a brief delay, the bomb explodes, dealing damage to enemies and healing allies based on the number of Poison Clouds absorbed.

Venom Thrusters

Dash in a direction, leaving a trail of Poison Clouds behind you. Poison Clouds damage and apply stacks of Venom to enemies.

Deep Breath

Fire a massive explosion that damages and applies 5 stacks of Empowered Venom to enemies. Empowered Venom deals damage over time and counts as additional stacks of Venom for the Master of Venoms and Transfusion abilities.

Character Venomess

Explore and Collect

Endless exploration and new seasons will have you busy with hunts, expeditions and events. Discover new locations, beasts and materials that can be used to craft weapons and gear to awaken powerful new Wayfinders.

Stronger Together

Wayfinders are stronger together. From adventuring with friends to adding your house and its powerful buffs to a neighborhood, all of your social interactions, character and housing progression are tied together by the most important thread... each other.