Early Access FAQ

Everything you need to know about Early Access

Early Access

How do I play Wayfinder during Early Access?

Players can purchase a Founder’s Pack directly from The PlayStation Store, or Steam to get access during Early Access.

What Platforms is Early Access on?

Early Access is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Steam.

What languages will be supported in Early Access?

The following languages will be supported (full audio in bold ):

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish - Latin America
  • Spanish - Spain
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese - Brazil
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese

Why Early Access?

Our goal is to make Wayfinder the best game it can be, and we believe that working closely with our community during Early Access and beyond will help us achieve that. By receiving feedback and collaborating with our players, we can ensure that the quality of the game and player experience is top-notch.

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

Though subject to change, Early Access will last around six months. We aim to launch the full free-to-play version of the game after two full seasons of Early Access content.

Will there be a character or data wipe after Early Access and before full launch?

No, Early Access is the start of your adventure in Wayfinder.

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

The core gameplay mechanics and functionality will remain largely the same. However, we plan to add more content to the full free-to-play version, including additional biomes, enemies, weapons, and Wayfinders. We will also incorporate player feedback from Early Access into the full release of the game.

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

In Early Access players can explore six fully developed biomes and engage in seasonal content. There is a variety of weapons, characters, and more for players to discover and unlock. Early Access is being used to refine gameplay systems, hear from the community on what is important to them, and to make sure that we have a solid and fun foundation to build on for years to come.

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

During Early Access, players will need to purchase a Founder’s Pack. After the full release, Wayfinder will be free-to-play, but there will be an in-game store featuring cosmetics, boosters and items as well as a seasonal Reward Tower that can be purchased via “Runesilver”. With few exceptions, everything that you’re able to purchase in-game players will be able to access by simply playing the game and gathering the resources needed. The Founder’s Packs for Early Access include exclusive content that will not be available after the full release.

How are you planning on involving the community in your development?

We are committed to involving our community in the development process through various channels, including Discord, social media, a Feature Upvote system and regular updates on our website. We encourage players to share their feedback, suggestions, and bug reports with us, and we’re already taking this feedback into account when making changes and improvements to the game.



Founder’s Packs are a purchasable item that not only grants you Early Access, but also to unique, time-limited Rewards, which will never become available again, including the first Heroic level Wayfinder ever, Heroic Kyros. There are four tiers of Founder Packs: the Basic Founder’s Pack, the Initiate Founder’s Pack, the Awakened Founder’s Pack, and the Exalted Founder’s Pack. Each tier adds more unique and exclusive rewards. For more information, check out our Founder’s Packs page.

How long will Founder’s Packs be available to purchase?

Founder’s Packs will be available for purchase throughout the entire duration of Early Access, including the ability to upgrade to higher tier packs.

How do I get access to my Founder’s items?

Upon purchasing your Founder’s Packs, you will be automatically granted all of your items upon logging in for the first time. Please note that not all items will be available for use at the start of Early Access, but they will be in your inventory and clearly marked with “COMING SOON”

Do Founder’s items stay on my account after Early Access?

Yes! All items and rewards that you received from the Founder’s Pack that you purchased will remain on your account when Wayfinder fully releases. These items will never be available again!

Can I access my Founder’s items across all Platforms?

Yes. All items purchased with Runesilver OR via Founder’s Packs will be accessible on any platform. Players will need to purchase a Founder’s Pack on each platform they intend to play on.

Please also note that any Runesilver purchased can ONLY be used on the platform it was purchased on. Runesilver cannot be transferred between players, nor platforms.

How do I upgrade a Founder’s Pack?

Once a Founder’s Pack is purchased, players will have the option to upgrade. To do so, simply head to the store of your chosen platform and select your desired upgrade. Players will only be charged the difference between the packs. Please note once a pack is purchased, lower tiered Founder’s Packs will no longer be available.

Reward Tower

What is the Reward Tower

Wayfinder’s Reward Tower functions as the evolution of the Battle Pass - one that is more interactive, has more rewards, and never expires once purchased. You’ll be able to climb the Tower, charting your own path and select rewards along the way. Gain XP as you play, earning Reward Tower Keys that can be used to unlock different rewards across all the floors of the Reward Tower. Rewards include crafting components needed for that Season’s new Wayfinder and their Unique Style Set. Other rewards include Color Dyes, Emotes, Weapon & Dagger Skins, Trinkets, Sprays, Charms, Housing Decorations and Pets, and more!

How do I get the Reward Tower?

The Reward Towers are available in Premium, Paid and Free* tiers. During Early Access, the Reward Tower will be accessible with the purchase of any Founder’s Pack. The Reward Tower tier you unlock is determined by the particular Founder’s Pack you purchase. Learn more about the Founder’s Packs here and the Reward Tower here.

*A free Reward Tower option will be available to players who select the Base and Initiate tiers beginning in Founder’s Season 2. While access to The Reward Tower will be available with the free option, limited rooms will be available to explore.

Does the Reward Tower expire?

Paid and Premium tiers of the Reward tower never expire, allowing you to progress through it at your own pace, even when the season ends! You can purchase a Reward Tower at any time during its active season, but cannot do so once the season concludes.

Can I have more than one Reward Tower at a time?

You can purchase a Reward Tower at any time during its active season and can have multiple Reward Towers at a time on your account. Keep in mind however that you may only have one Reward Tower active at a time.

Cross Play and Cross Save

Is Wayfinder Cross Play?

Wayfinder supports full cross play and cross save.

Can I play on both my PC and Playstation?

Yes! Players who register for a DE account on our website will be able to play cross save between their Steam and PlayStation Network Account. Since Founder’s Packs are required for game access during Early Access, players will need to purchase a pack on both platforms to play across PC and PlayStation.


What is Runesilver and what is it used for?

Runesilver is Wayfinder’s Premium currency that you can spend in-game on premium items like Weapon Skins, Style sets, Trinkets, Emotes, Charms, Housing Items and Pets along with a variety of other great items from the Wayfinder Store. Each Founder’s Pack comes with a set amount of Runesilver depending on which tier you purchase.

How will purchases work if I’m playing on both Playstation and PC?

Any Runesilver purchased can ONLY be used on the platform it was purchased on. Runesilver cannot be transferred between players, nor platforms. All items purchased with Runesilver will however be accessible on any platform.

How do I purchase a Founder’s Pack?

Players who are interested in purchasing Founder’s Packs can do so directly from Steam and the PlayStation Store. These packs will be available on August 15th, 2023 at 12pm CST when Wayfinder’s Early Access period begins.

Is Playstation Plus required?

Yes, PlayStation Plus is required to play Wayfinder on PlayStation during the Early Access period. Upon entering Free-to-play later in the year, the game will not require PlayStation Plus to access.