We have begun the transition of Wayfinder from Digital Extremes to Airship Syndicate.

We thank Digital Extremes for helping jumpstart Wayfinder and getting us to this point in our journey.

Airship Syndicate owns the Wayfinder IP, and we have no plans to stop developing the game. We look forward to continuing to grow the game alongside our players as we take on operations.

The game has a long way to go in Early Access, but with belief from our players and our dedicated Airship crew, we can - and will! - get there.

Airship Syndicate

This website will not be updated during this transition period. Please visit discord.gg/wayfinder and our Wayfinder Update Blog to stay up to date on the game and its development.

Posted On: September 13th, 2023


WW #01 - Sept 13, 2023

What is Wayfinder Wednesdays?

We’re finally here Wayfinders, Early Access has arrived along with our very first Wayfinder Wednesdays! A bi-weekly love (news) letter to our community from the team where we will provide updates, news, and more! We hope this newsletter will become an invaluable tool as we welcome you to Evenor!

This week we talk about:

  • Wayfinder at Upcoming Shows
  • Inventory and Recent Updates
  • Help & F.A.Q.
  • Community & Fan Art

Wayfinder Coast to Coast

You may have noticed that while you all were exploring Evenor, the Wayfinder team has been exploring some limited time Lost Zones appearing in our world. From Canada and Germany to Seattle, we have started our journey across the globe to bring the Wayfinder experience to as many people as possible while getting the chance to meet with you all, face to face.

Our next stops include Tokyo Game Show, TwitchCon and New York Comic-Con! The team can’t wait to see you all there!

We’re Working on it, With You!

Last week, we released our first major patch! You can take a full look at the patch notes the team is working on here.

We’ll be rounding up updates on known issues and additional news we have coming in these Wayfinder Wednesday newsletters. With that in mind, we have some more big updates!

This time our focus was around inventories. Currently the servers are loading your information and the limitless inventories of all the other players. We needed to tackle this one since this places an immense strain on the servers.

This update comes in two phases, with the first one next week; so let’s break that down:


  • Player inventories will be limited to 100 accessories and 300 Echoes.
  • Players can now sell accessories to Venge; time to get that gold!
  • Players can break down Echoes into ‘Echo Dust’, the new material to infuse your Echoes with.
  • Echo Dust breakdown is currently 1:1 - so an Echo worth 150xp will dismantle into 150 dust.
  • Don’t worry about suddenly running out of room! When close to the cap there will be a VERY large warning on the screen. Keep in mind you will NOT BE ABLE to acquire new items or Echoes if you are at the limit, so get to selling and dismantling those old items!
  • When you log in for the first time with this new system and a full inventory, you will have the option to sell or dust your unwanted accessories and Echoes. You will not lose what you have.


  • You will only be able to access your inventory and swap weapons and characters at a Signal Fire or Skylight.

Echo Dust was originally a planned feature on our roadmap, and we’ve prioritized its development for better performance and a more streamlined user experience. We are excited to introduce you to the first version of our system.

In the future, we’ll implement the ability to get a few items that would have otherwise been abandoned due to a full inventory. We will also be bringing this limit to crafted housing items (purchased items are exempt from this limit).

There will also be server changes rolling out with these phases. These will address some of the disconnects players are experiencing and will result in larger overall improvements once the inventory updates are complete!

Recently we added a patch to address a couple instances causing crashes and disconnects:


  • Talon of Pyre no longer crashes Highland instances*
  • Reduced random disconnects when in Lost Zones
*There are still some known issues where Talon of Pyre may not give rewards correctly.

While this patch didn’t address all of the issues we were seeing, we are happy to report that we are seeing approximately a quarter of the server disconnects and crashes we saw before!

Early Access is our chance to learn about and grow the game alongside you all. We appreciate all the feedback you have provided so far and can’t wait to continue making this game alongside you!

Need a Hand?

We want you to be as prepared as possible for those first steps in Wayfinder, so we have some handy info for you on the Wayfinder Support pages.

We want to make sure we answered a few of your burning questions here:

I am missing some specific materials needed to craft an item, where do I go?

  • When looking at the recipe for an item there should be an option to view materials. Once you have pressed that button you will be able to see a brief description of the material and a general location to where it is. Some are harder to find than others, so keep breaking those rocks!

Is there a way to explore Lost Zones and learn Hunts at my own pace?

  • Absolutely! If you want to explore the Codex Halls, the Undercroft or any other matchmaking activity at your leisure make sure to select Matchmaking Off at the top left of the activity selection screen. This will automatically revert to On after a completed run.

What’s the best way to boost my overall power?

  • Making Lost Zones and Hunts more challenging with sphere levels, exploring the Highlands for special events and taking on side quests are a few ways to earn new and more powerful gear.

Hey Community, How’re You Doing?

Those of you that have joined us since the beginning, and those that have joined the Wayfinder Community along the way, thank you, and know that we appreciate the support of each and every one of you.

You’ve all definitely set the bar when it comes to what our community can do! The world is about to be flooded with Wayfinders and we want to give you all the spotlight!

Interested in seeing your art highlighted? Our next Wayfinder Wednesday will have an art prompt for only the bravest of creators. We’re looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!

Next time we see you for Wayfinder Wednesday will be September 27, and we can’t wait to share more then.

Lastly, as you know, Gloom Break: Founder’s Season 1 is well underway and there is so much to do and explore! Whether you are just starting your adventure in the world of Evenor, or diving into the strongest Lost Zones, there are rewards to earn and battles to win. Haven’t picked up a Founder’s Pack yet? Take a look at the Pack options at the link below, and learn more about the benefits of each.