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Posted On: October 25th, 2023

Wayfinder Wednesday #04

Make way for The Reaver King!

It’s that time again for Wayfinder Wednesday. We hope you’ve had time to answer the Call of the Void Mid-Season Update and are ready for the next batch of content headed your way!

This week, we’ll be covering:

  • Mid-Season Update 2 Overview: The Reaver King
  • Next Community Stream
  • Updates and Known issues
  • Community F.A.Q
  • Fan Art Contest Winners

Mid-Season Update 2 Overview: The Reaver King

Mid-season update 2 is on its way, and with it, the way to the Hollow Heart is open. Once a paradise of primal power and a place of worship to the Woodwen people, it too has fallen to darkness. Now the Reaver King has set his sights on the Beacon. If Skylight is to be saved, Aturach and his Hollow Ones must be slain. Wayfinder, you will have to face this danger and discover what it all means.

Get ready to topple an empire and put the crown in its rightful place in The Reaver King, coming soon.

Main Quests

Four new main story quests await. These quests continue your story, and the story of Evenor’s attempts to combat the Gloom.

  • The Hollow Heart

Start your journey to stop Aturach the Reaver King in The Hollow Heart. Here you’ll find Greymourn. As much as she talks down to you, her help will be invaluable in uncovering the mysteries unseen in The Hollow Heart. “Oh little Echo, you think you know so much when you know so little.”

  • Wormwood - Hunt
  • Roots of Evil
  • The Final Battle - Hunt

It’ll be up to you to uncover the secrets and rewards these hold when our update goes live. While you’re securing these new locales, you will come across four new side quests in your travels.

Side Quests

  • Eclipse

“Finally, you’re ready for the good stuff.” Answer Arsenal’s summons and start on your path to unlock the essence to craft a formidable piece of gear.

  • Ring of Ashes
  • Painful Secrets
  • Woodwen Mystic

Through these quests you’ll unlock two new Hunts and discover the secrets of Reaver Woods. You will shed light on many things in your journeys, including a new challenge - the third Imbuement slot. With levels of might never seen before, it’s time to look at arming yourself, Wayfinder.


This update brings with it three new weapons and the ability to craft a fan favorite!

  • Eclipse - This weapon was forged in the vaults of the Deep Eldren and infused with the power of Shadow. It yearns to consume light and life.

  • Rose & Thorn - As deadly as they are beautiful, these weapons were once wielded by the legendary Blade Dancer of the Golden Aerie. Blood sustains the flowering petals.

  • Legacy - This ancient weapon was forged in the dawn of the world, before humanity existed. It was made for Eldren hands, and it burns with eternal light.
  • Nightshade - Aturach isn’t the only new deity that needs to be taken down in a Hunt. Primal powers from long ago will be at play as you battle our largest colossal enemy to-date, Wormwood, to finally get your hands on Nightshade’s essence.

Keep an eye on playwayfinder.com and our socials for when we release the full patch notes, guide to all the content, and more when The Reaver King launches in the coming weeks!

Community Stream

Join Alex, AKA ‘Sir Snarf’, from the community team once again for another livestream celebrating the Mid-season update 2: The Reaver King on Twitch! He’ll be your guide as you walk through some of the brand new content. Keep your eyes glued on our socials (links found in the footer of this page) for a date and time coming in the next few weeks. Don’t miss it!

Prior to the launch of The Reaver King, you’ll still have some time to participate in our Call of the Void live event where you can earn a limited-time shiny new Gloom Dagger Skin, The Dawning Hope! Seek out Commander Wolf in Skylight to begin the quest, and be sure to have the main story quests up to Chapter 2 Part 1 completed first. Call of the Void will end when the mid-season update 2 begins.

Purchase a Founder’s Pack now to unlock Early Access and prepare for mid-season update 2.

Updates and Known Issues

If you missed all of the fixes recently added, be sure to check out the previous Wayfinder Wednesday #03.

Our most recent patch squashed a few bugs and crashes some players were experiencing:


  • Fixed a crash related to awarding trophies/achievements (a rare instance may cause this crash to keep happening)
  • Fixed a crash related to leaving an expedition while the timer was still active
  • Various backend fixes for player crashes

We didn’t want to miss a few common questions we’ve been seeing as well -

Community F.A.Q

Q1: What are you doing about long load times?

A1: Our team is constantly focused on the performance in-game. We have been tracking long load times since we launched and believe we have some solutions, but none are a fix-all. We hope to make progress on this in upcoming patches, and need to ensure these fixes work for Wayfinders on all platforms. The first pass of the inventory system did make a small impact, but we know there is a lot more we can do. We’re also exploring ways to reduce load screens, including when you accidentally fall off the map or while traveling within Skylight.

Q2: Is the content in "Call of the Void" what we can expect moving forward for Live Events?

A2: While Call of the Void was our first event, it’s not a blueprint for all future events. Our teams are hard at work reading the feedback from this event and are preparing the tech to bring you even more exciting experiences in the future. For example, our next event will feature THREE new weapons instead of one! Also in Founder’s Season 2 we’ll have an event featuring a special vendor. You’ll be able to earn exclusive rewards and more when you visit them.

Q3: Where’s the big kitty (Grendel)?

A3: Grendel will claw his way into Founder’s Season 2! He will be available instantly with a Founder’s Awakened Pack or Exalted Pack, and earnable with a Founder’s Base or Initiate Pack. Make sure to keep an eye out for more info on Grendel!

Fan Art Contest Winners

First and foremost, we want to give a great big thanks to all of you talented Wayfinders who participated in our very first fan art contest to show off your best spooky Gloom themed art! It was a joy to see your creations and we can’t wait to run more contests in the future. Congratulations to the winners!

1st Place - Dr_Fess

2nd Place - Deekkru1

3rd Place - elouenbp

Honorable Mentions

A large congratulations as well to our honorable mentions, who will each be receiving 1,000 Runesilver!

We’ll be reaching out to all winners via X (Twitter) DM so please keep an eye on your inbox if you were one of the lucky few! Thank you again for your amazing submissions and if you ever want to share more Wayfinder art with us, make sure to tag @playwayfinder on social.

That concludes Wayfinder Wednesday #04! See you on November 8 for Wayfinder Wednesday #05 where we’ll cover more of the second mid-season update, reveal something very exciting for content creators and more!