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Posted On: October 11th, 2023

Wayfinder Wednesday #03

Oct 11, 2023 - Do you hear the Call?

Welcome back, Wayfinders!

It’s time for the latest from the teams in this installment of Wayfinder Wednesday!

This week, we are diving into:

  • Mid-Season Update 1 and First Live Event
  • Updates and Known Issues
  • Community F.A.Q.
  • Giveaway Winners
  • Fan Art Contest

Mid-Season Update: Call of the Void

Wayfinder’s first mid-season update, Call of the Void, is live and brings with it a host of new challenges from the Gloom, our first ever live event, 250+ changes and adjustments, and the newest weapon for your arsenal, Juggernaut!

So how do you answer the Call? Let’s get down to looking at this latest content.

Limited-time Live Event

Our Season update brought along something more than we anticipated, a stirring in the Gloom, and the citizens of Skylight are calling for your aid. Jump into Wayfinder’s first live event, team up with other Wayfinders and claim your rewards!

The New Live Event

Start Location: Commander Wolf - Skylight

Requirements to Start/Unlock: Walking in Shadows - Main Story Quest Chapter 2 Part 1

Duration of Event: End of October

Quest Info: A number of Watchers have gone missing near strange portals in the Highlands–journey deep into the Void and put an end to the anomaly.

Reward: The Dawning Hope Gloom Dagger

The New Area

Name: Lost Zone - Void Dungeon

Start Location: Highlands - Gloom Rift

Requirements to Start/Unlock: Speak with Wolf in the Great Hall

Quest Info: A new Lost Zone has appeared, and it is evident that the Gloom is strong within it. Please Wayfinder, explore this new location and ensure that we can protect Skylight from the threats eager to come out of it.

The New Quests

Quest 1:

Name: Harbingers of Chaos

Start Location: Ranger Davyn

Requirements to Start/Unlock: None

Quest Info: Aid Ranger Dayvn in his vendetta against the Geartooth, and stop the goblin clan before they awaken a slumbering primal power.

Special Note: We have doubled Talon of Pyre’s spawn rate from every four hours down to every two hours.

Quest 2:

Name: The Final Score

Start Location: Kestrel

Requirements to Start/Unlock: Fallen Archon

Quest Info: Help Kestrel uncover the fate of her old partner, the Rook, a brilliant machinist whose machines threaten to bring Skylight to its knees.

The New Hunt

Name: Bloodbore

Start Location: The Bloodworks

Requirements to Start/Unlock: The Final Score Quest

Quest Info: A rampaging mechanical monstrosity designed by the infamous machinist, “the Rook”; left unchecked, the machine threatens all of the Highlands.

The New Weapon

Name: Juggernaut

Acquire Location: Arsenal

Weapon Info: Convert momentum into a powerful charge, pummeling all foes in your path and pulverize enemies with a earth shattering ground slam.

“Call of the Void” Patch Notes And Known Issues

Last Wayfinder Wednesday we shared Phase 1 and Patch had gone live and the team is seeing great results in the overall experience since launching. You can check out those updates here.

We’re still working hard to tackle issues as they arise and making sure to give the Feature Upvote asks the love they deserve. With the mid-season update and Patch, we have a lot of game updates that went live and you can take a look at the full list of updates here.

This is our first mid-season update and we hope you enjoy the latest additions to the game.

Ready to jump headfirst into the threats the Gloom puts against you? Grab a Founder’s Pack now to instantly unlock Early Access, our first live event and team up with Wayfinders around the globe!

Community Live Stream

Our team wanted to experience our first ever live event alongside you all, so we did! Sir_Snarf himself (also known as Alex) hosted our community stream where we played through the new content, looked at his apartment (we’re hiring a cleaner) and walked you through the fixes and improvements that came with this update. All from the comfort of Airship’s brand new studio!

Community F.A.Q.

With our dev teams hard at work on the backend, we wanted to make sure we are addressing some of the more general questions here. Thank you to everyone who provided their questions over on our socials!

  • Q1: Will there be seasonal items available for sale?
  • A1: While Evenor doesn’t share the exact same calendar as us, we’re happy to say that we’ll have fun and festive seasonally appropriate items in the coming months.
  • Q2: Any Wayfinder updates currently planned?
  • A2: We’re constantly monitoring the performance of all Wayfinders to make sure they feel the way they should. We know Senja has been a topic of discussion and we agree. There is a rework underway for her and we hope to have more details on it soon!
  • Q3: Are there plans to add new weapon types soon?
  • A3: Yes! The team currently has our next weapon type in active development and we hope to unveil it to you all after Wayfinder moves into Free-to-Play next year.
  • Q4: You upped the Echo inventory limit, what about accessories?
  • A4: We’ve seen some players asking and wanted to confirm that it is definitely not off the table. Right now our data supports the 100 accessories cap both in terms of performance as well as the average amount players are getting as they play, but the team will be watching the data closely and may possibly expand it in the future.

Loadout Inspection Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent giveaway! And extra congratulations to our winners - @pjuniorsan, @ensuidia, @Matracena_, @IalLantinette, and @Llaverion! Your loadouts really showed how impressive you Wayfinders have already become in the fight against the Gloom. Didn’t win this time? Keep reading to learn about our next opportunity to claim a prize!

Fan Art Contest

Some of you let us know you were looking forward to a fan art contest, and we mentioned an update would be available in this Wayfinder Wednesday. We ABSOLUTELY want to see all your amazing art, and we’re happy to be officially kicking off our first art contest! Artists of all skills are welcome and with what we have already been seeing from the community, we can’t wait to see what you all come up with for this one. In need of some inspiration to get started? Take a look at these amazing pieces from @_ArcSin, @_PericraniuM_ and @Koud3x!

Art Contest

Art Prompt: Your best spooky, Gloom-themed art

Contest Rules

  • Timeframe: October 11, 2023 - October 20, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. ET
  • Winner Announce: October 25, 2023
  • Winner Selection: Done by the team, we will select our favorites

Accepted Pieces

  • All media formats are accepted (image, gif, short vid (must be under 10 seconds)


  • Must submit pieces during the provided time frame
  • No AI generated art
  • Must be appropriate, no NSFW content
  • Must include #WayfinderArt in the comment response

Submission Location

  • Pieces must be submitted as a comment on our Wayfinder Wednesday #3 X (Twitter) post with the hashtag #WayfinderArt


3 Main Prize Winners

  • 1st - 1 Exalted Founder’s Pack + 3,500 Runesilver
  • 2nd - 1 Exalted Founder’s Pack
  • 3rd - 3,500 Runesilver

7 Additional Winners

  • 1,000 Runesilver

All Participants

  • Potential to be Highlighted in Wayfinder Wednesday and on official Wayfinder channels
*By providing your art in the form of a comment on the designated post, you are agreeing to allow the Wayfinder brand to use your art in current and future art related content pieces.

Get to creating Wayfinders, and we look forward to showcasing your art in our future content!

Our mid-season update is live, so get out there and show the Gloom that Wayfinders are stronger together. We will see you on October 25 for Wayfinder Wednesday #4!