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Airship Syndicate owns the Wayfinder IP, and we have no plans to stop developing the game. We look forward to continuing to grow the game alongside our players as we take on operations.

The game has a long way to go in Early Access, but with belief from our players and our dedicated Airship crew, we can - and will! - get there.

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Posted On: October 31st, 2023

The Reaver King is Now Live

Experience new quests, hunts, weapons, and more available now


The Reaver King is available now across all platforms. In our biggest update yet, log in and explore a mysterious realm that has emerged, teeming with new formidable foes.

Mid-Season Update 2: The Reaver King

The way to Hollow Heart is open. Once a paradise of primal power and a place of worship to the Woodwen people, it too has fallen to darkness. Now the Reaver King has set his sights on the Beacon. If Skylight is to be saved, Aturach and his Hollow Ones must be slain.

This update brings with it new quests, weapons, improvements and more!

Main Quests

The Hollow Heart

Back again to Deepwood Holt. Seek out Graymourn and Omen, who will set you on the path to the Wormwood Hunt.


Wormwood stands between you and unlocking the power of a third imbuement slot. Get to Deepwood Holt to accomplish your quest.

Roots of Evil

Return to Graymourn for one final request before you are ready to unlock the Reaver King Hunt.

The Final Battle

You have what you need, Wayfinder. The roots have been severed. The Reaver King can now be challenged. Reach a Gloom Gate and start your Hunt against this foe.

Side Quests

Eclipse Questline

A mistake from Arsenal’s past has returned to haunt the Highlands. The Essence needed to forge a new weapon is up for grabs. Corrupted by a dreaded weapon of the Deep Eldren, the Weapon Master’s old protégé, Anson, has returned to consume all light and life in his path. Speak with Arsenal to hear what she has to share.

Ring of Ashes Questline

A mysterious ring from the mythologized Kingdom of Ashes has been found after a thousand years. The Engineer believes it might be used to uncover arctech wonders lost to time, and perhaps, the Engineer’s own origins as well. Check in with him once you’ve located the ring.

Painful Secrets Questline

Your help is needed by a friend in Deepwood Holt. Seeker Avala herself has begun glitching in and out of reality, bringing to light a secret Lord Halar has been harboring since those first days after the Fall. Seek Avala out to see what secrets are surfacing.

Lost Zones

The Hollow Heart

The Heart of the Woods is not only a place but a power. A pillar of this world. Older than humanity. Older than the Eldren. Older than even the Architects. Yet whatever primeval purity once was, has been carved empty by the Gloom. The Hollow Heart remains. And its corruption is spreading.



Wormwood—first child of the Hollow Heart. Nature itself has been twisted by the foul will which awoke in the woods. Wormwood remains the mightiest of its spawn.

Reaver King

The Reaver King wants for a world where the roots of trees are watered with blood, and the wind itself is hungry and cruel. He has seen this world—his world—foretold in shadow. And he will stop at nothing to ensure its birth.



This ancient weapon was forged in the dawn of the world, before humanity existed. It was made for Eldren hands, and it burns with eternal light.

Ability: Phalanx - Protects the Wayfinder and all nearby allies with a Damage shield, absorbing all damage, and preventing impacts until the shield is broken. Increases magnitude of the shield for each Latent Power Pip consumed.

Rose & Thorn

As deadly as they are beautiful, these weapons were once wielded by the legendary Blade Dancer of the Golden Aerie. Blood sustains the flowering petals.

Ability: Thorn Blossom - Slam into the ground, shooting thorns up from the ground in an area below the Wayfinder. Enemies hit will be inflicted with Rose Blossom for 10 seconds, taking additional damage each time they are hit.


This weapon was forged in the vaults of the Deep Eldren and infused with the power of Shadow. It yearns to consume light and life.

Ability: Steel Vortex - Throws the axe to spin in a vortex in front of the Wayfinder, dealing damage multiple times before returning. Deals additional damage for each level of Momentum consumed.


The Venomess designed many weapons for the Maze, but Nightshade she made for herself. Its needles are infused with the venom of the Orlake Wyvern, ensuring a swift and painful demise.

Ability: Wyvern’s Fury - Reloads the gun with an empowered clip. During this clip, the weapon is fully automatic and every bullet is infused to apply a stack of Poison on hit. Poison is a small DoT that stacks up to 20 times and deals damage over 6 seconds.

Community Live Stream

Be sure to check out our second Community Livestream with Community Manager Sir_Snarf! Tune in today at 4 p.m. CT over on our official PlayWayfinder Twitch channel here or on our Steam Store Page here to catch Sir_Snarf in action playing through the update!

“The Reaver King” Patch Notes

Last Wayfinder Wednesday we shared Phase 1 and Patch had gone live and the team is seeing great results in overall experience since launching. You can check out those updates here.

Our newest content will also bring new gameplay fixes and updates. There’s quite a bit the team was able to tackle for The Reaver King, so let’s take a look -


  • LOAD TIMES: Fixed an issue on PC and PS5 where players could be waiting longer than normal in a loading screen when the loading bar was nearly complete.
  • Rush type echoes should now add to a Wayfinders total Power.
  • Added a prompt to remove duplicate Rush Echoes when swapping to a Wayfinder or Weapon with that same Echo equipped.
  • Fixed an issue causing infinite load screens when respawning after dying in the Highlands in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed poison barrels leaving behind an indefinite hazard warning.
  • Fixed players only unlocking 29 out of 30 Affinity Points. Level 1 Wayfinders will now start with 1 Affinity Point, allowing for 30 points by level 30.
  • Fixed movement oddities after using the I AM STUCK feature.
  • Fix some out of bounds points in the Mines biome.
  • Fixed instances of extreme damage from Ven’s level 15 Instinct Affinity Perk.
  • Fixed some safe spots in the Aurelian biome.
  • Fixed an issue where players could directly damage the Dread Legion when the Midas mutator was active.
  • Fixed an interaction causing enemies to regain health during a Golden Bombs imbuement.
  • Fixed an issue blocking players from entering the Bloodworks during the Birds of a Feather side quest.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to get kicked after crafting the Sage Wisdom Potion.
  • Fixed the crash caused by Balgrim Diggers throwing their lanterns.
  • Fixed the Mysterious Device not dropping while on the Seeking Closure side quest.
  • Fixed player aiming getting deflected when entering ADS with a rifle.
  • Fixed party leaders getting connection time outs during the Expedition Complete screen.
  • Fixed the Talon of Pyre Echo going on cooldown after entering a Hunt arena.
  • Fixed the Mastery critical force not granting the correct amount of crit bonus at each level.
  • Fixed players auto-running forward after respawning from a fall.
  • Fixed instances of Bloodbore’s laser attack not dealing damage correctly.
  • Fixed instances of Bloodbore not attacking after being guard broken.
  • Fixed Dark Treasures from the Golden Cache mutators not awarding gold in some cases.
  • Fixed the wrong weapons being displayed in the Expedition Complete screen.
  • Fixed Sphere 4 Void Dungeons not granting all completion chests.
  • Fixed incorrect objective markers during The Fall of the Silver Codex quest.
  • Fixed cases where Nightshades fire mode would be incorrect after reloading.
  • Fixed an issue where Twin Strikers were unable to combo out of a dash attack during Blade Dance.
  • Fixed cases where Ven’s transfusion and Vampiric Blast did not aggro enemies.
  • Fixed an issue with Twin Strikers that made the player unable to light attack after performing 2 consecutive flourishes.
  • Fixed Rifle weapon abilities counting as combo finishers.
  • Fixed Wingraves Radiant Pulse not blocking projectiles from Deadeye Shrikes.
  • Fixed cases where the player would lose movement ability after using the Arcstorm weapon ability.
  • Fixed the Juggernaut’s Upheaval ability firing twice.
  • Fixed the issue when using Kyros’ Savage Rake while ADS failed to perform the 3rd finisher attack from the level 2 upgrade.
  • Fixed Venom Twin Strikers applying the incorrect debuff during Blade Dance.
  • Fixed some cases where Shurrk Tongue attacks were inconsistent.
  • Fixed cases where the player would get damaged when outside of the Bloodbores AoE’s.
  • Fixed the flicker that occurs when the Bloodbore leaps to the wall.
  • Fixed players not receiving gold when breaking Midas shields with Rifles.
  • Fixed Kyros’ Arcane Focus destroying breakable objects spawned from Mutators.
  • Fixed cases where the player would drop combat when in the Archon Commander Hunt.
  • Fixed cases where the first wave of the Argent Hand wouldn’t always attack the player.
  • Fixed the inconsistent application of Mutator VFX to enemies in Lost Zones.
  • Fixed the matchmaking countdown timer persisting on screen even after the party leaders cancels the queue.
  • Fixed the Hollow Queen Echo missing icon.
  • Fixed Epitaph not depleting the correct amounts of momentum after being used at full capacity.
  • Fixed cases where the Willow Witch Crow Storm could be invisible to the player.
  • Fixed a visual bug with The Cobalt Flame Sword and Shield skin in the character menu.
  • Fixed a visual bug in the Dread Legion hunt causing the Light orbs to sometimes be invisible.
  • Fixed some quest names unnecessarily wrapping in the NPC dialogue menu.
  • Fixed the missing icon for the Gloom Dagger core item.
  • Fixed the wrong icon for the Pridelord echo.
  • Fixed the Deposed King echo dropping from Gloomshroud recharge stations.
  • Fixed the Willow Witch not dropping Hollow One Samples for the Seeking Knowledge side quest.
  • Fixed some cases where weapon skins would not swap properly when changing Wayfinders.
  • Fixed the Windhowlers Silence not appearing in the status page.
  • Fixed Bloodbore having the incorrect name on the Boss health bar and Hunt objectives.
  • Fixed an issue with Cobalt Flame and Terminus weapon skins not displaying in the style menu.
  • Increased the drop rate of the Feather of War by 3.2x.
  • Epic Accessory drop rates improved on all bosses. Most epic boss accessories should now have a 2-3% chance to drop (up from ~0.5%).
  • Lowered the damage and break damage output of Titan’s Bane’s Weapon Ability. (We still want this weapon to feel powerful, this change is intended to tighten the gap between Titan’s Bane and other 2 Handed options). Additionally, Molten Cleave Weapon Ability: Base Damage reduced by 50% & Break Damage reduced by 80%
  • Increased the pickup range of Arcanist orbs to match the pickup range for loot items.

We’re still hard at working tackling issues as they arise and making sure to give the Feature Upvote asks the love they deserve. Thank you for the continued support and feedback!

Are you prepared to answer the summons of a king? Grab a Founder’s Pack now to instantly unlock Early Access, team up with Wayfinders around the globe and put an end to this new threat.