Posted On: August 31st, 2023

State of Early Access + Patch Notes

Patch Notes, Player Support and More!

Greetings Wayfinders. It feels great to be able to share the updates we have made in the game! We’re thankful for those of you that have continued on this journey and thank you for the continued support you are showing us on all platforms.

We understand that our Early Access launch could have been better. We are committed to make good for the frustration and for the time you lost when playing.

As of today, the following has been granted to every account that attempted to log in* between 8/17/2023 at 12:00pm CT - 8/25/2023 at 11:59pm CT

  • A Wayfinder Token to unlock a Wayfinder of your choice
  • 1100 Runesilver
  • 5 Reward Tower Keys

Please allow time for all items to be distributed, if you are missing these rewards after an extended period please reach out to our support team.

We hope that you accept this package as a thank you to those that have stuck around and played daily. We also have something special for all you “Waitfinders” later in the year, stay tuned…

* ”Attempted Login” means having installed the game and pressed “login” and accepted the EULA. Players do not need to have actually entered the game to receive this package.

The State of the Game - What’s Next

We wanted to highlight some things we’ll address that are lingering from the Early Access launch that have been impacting players. We also wanted to discuss our first patch, first content update and other topics we’ve seen.

The team will continue to work towards other fixes that will improve the overall experience and are ready to start running those Lost Zones with you!

From Dev: When we first opened the servers the amount of logins were massive. This resulted in server stability being an issue. Check out the chart below to see what we mean.

The team worked from that point to start making adjustments and hotfixes and we were able to see that initial climb as more players were able to successfully enter the game. From there, we continued to work on stability issues and now we are seeing what we would consider normal fluctuations in CCU:

We are seeing more of you in the game and more importantly, we see more of you being able to enjoy Wayfinder with your friends and fellow players!

Before we dive into the finer details, we wanted to let you know the issues we are prioritizing as we head into the next bit of Early Access.

Store + Runesilver Purchases

We are aware of persisting issues with the store at times. We wanted to focus on getting people into the game last week and now we are able to make this a priority.

We’re looking to address the following soon:

  • You can make a Runesilver purchase but then the Runesilver never shows on your account
  • You can not purchase Runesilver at all

We recently solved the “Insufficient Funds” error that players were getting and you should now be able to use your Runesilver.

We are also in the process of adjusting the weapon pricing that we had mentioned in our previous communication right after launch. As stated in that letter, anyone that has made a purchase will be refunded the Runesilver and we’ll be adjusting the prices permanently.

Cross-Save Lost Progression

When linking your PlayStation Network user account to a DE account there have been cases of players losing progress because one of the platforms overwrites the other. We think this process can be a lot clearer and we’re going to be tackling it soon. Currently that data is not deleted or lost, and Customer Support can assist you.

Big Bugs We’re Tracking

We wanted to make sure you are aware of three big issues that we have prioritized due to the conversation from players on Discord, Reddit and social sites. The following fixes are underway and once we have a solution we’ll hotfix as soon as we can.

Talon of Pyre - Currently if you’re in the Highlands instance and get disconnected, it’s probably because someone in that Highlands has taken on the Talon of Pyre world boss and in some scenarios it can crash the game for all in the area. While we had a fix in our first patch, that did not resolve it (more details on this one below).

Selling Accessories - We are tracking a fix for being unable to sell accessories worth over 100 gold to vendors, and will provide an update once we have one. We understand you need to make room for the latest and greatest gear!

Weapons showing as Rifles - This one is tricky and our team is working on it. We want you to be able to see all awesome Tooth and Claw or Epitaph weapon skins too! We’re trying to get a fix in as soon as we can and will communicate when an update is available.

Patch Notes + Known Issues

Thanks to all of your in-game reports and the conversations from our community we have been able to work toward fixes for issues that are impacting players. With that being said, we are happy to share our first MAJOR patch notes update!



  • Night’s Maw event cooldown has been significantly reduced from 2 hours to every 60 seconds in the Highlands.
  • Burst rifles now automatically begin firing after reloading.
  • Fleas will no longer continue to spawn during the Sphere of Influence event in the Highlands.
  • “Arcane Buildup” Mastery will correctly increase damage based on Momentum for all Executioner Melee weapon types.
  • “Arcane Buildup” Mastery Level 3 will deal Arcane Energy Bursts for all Executioner Melee weapon types as intended.
  • “Sniper” Rifle Mastery correctly boosts damage at long range.
  • Knockbacks now respect dodge invincibility frames.
  • Echo rarity type text in the Echoes menu now matches its correct rarity.


  • Niss’ “Lingering Shadow” buff icon refreshes correctly in the player HUD after three stacks when active.


  • Level 3 of Kyros’ “Arcane Focus” will now deal the intended additional instances of damage.


  • Venom Thrusters now activate immediately and move slightly faster.
  • When using Venom Thrusters with no movement input you will no longer travel off to the side instead of going backwards.
  • Using Venom Thrusters while ADS or blocking will no longer cause the player to travel off to the side.


  • Players will no longer get kicked when collecting loot during the “Lighting the Flame” quest dungeon instance.
  • Removed a duplicate “Road to Ruin” quest name at Seeker Avala in Deepwood Holt.
  • Fixed a bug where Side Quest XP was scaling unintentionally with difficulty spheres.
  • “Hidden Knowledge” Side Quest can now be completed in any Aurelian Lost Zone, and also counts any variant of the Decoder event.


  • Known actions kicking the player with a “Problem Saving User Data” have been addressed.
  • Alternate Personas will now appear equipped on Wayfinder models at the Expedition Rewards screen.
  • Gloom Ambush events in Lost Zones will now reward the player with Gloomstone Shards upon completion.
  • Reduced the amounts of enemies that spawn during the Excavation Unit, Supply Raid, Supply Run, Chain Gang, and What Lies Beneath events in The Pit.
  • Enemies at the end of Lost Zone Expeditions can no longer spawn out of bounds and prevent the players’ ability to complete an Expedition.
  • Party invites can no longer be sent to any online player actively in a Lost Zone instance.
  • New music variations have been added to the Deep (Mines Expeditions).


  • Rifles no longer can transfer an orb to a Husk enemy by shooting it during the Dread Legion Hunt.
  • The number of enemies that spawn during each phase of the Dread Legion Hunt is reduced.
  • Bombs will now explode quicker when passed to an enemy in the Dread Legion Hunt.
  • Players can no longer get stuck and die between the holographic tiles in the Dread Legion Hunt.
  • The Hand Rejoined ground-slam attack AoE warning indicators are now visible during the Argent Hand Hunt.
  • Fixed an issue where some Hunts were rewarding un-intended loot on completion.


  • Reduced the amount of resources required to craft Housing Item recipes.
  • Temporarily, players will be unable to switch their equipped Wayfinder or Weapon while inside the Apartment.
  • The “Trickster Artifice” Artifact now has a cooldown timer and can only be interacted with by the player who owns the Apartment.


  • Fixed several miscellaneous text issues throughout the game.
  • Translated VO has been added to numerous Quests and cutscenes.


  • The “Enchanted Tower Compass” item reward from the Exalted Founders Pack will now appear in the players ‘Key Items’ inventory.
  • 5% Reward Tower XP is earned from the “Enchanted Tower Compass” item as intended.
  • Purchased Founders Packs will visually display as “Owned” in the Shop menu.
  • Players can immediately equip newly acquired Wayfinders or Weapons from Founders Packs without needing to travel first.
  • Several Echoes now have their missing icons.
  • Camera collision improvements have been added throughout the game.

Known Issues

  • Helper Coins are not being awarded to players upon Expedition completion in the Codex Halls, The Pit, and the Shrouded Woods. Helper Coins will be rewarded to players in all other zones and Hunts
  • Debug text is visible in the “Duplicate Bindings” pop-up in the Settings menu
  • Naming inconsistencies appear for some Weapons throughout several menus
  • Survivalist “Critical Force” Mastery does not increase Crit Chance based on the player’s Momentum generated
  • Same-type Echo cost reduction is not applied consistently
  • Tracked quests may not appear in the player’s HUD and can impede quest progress
  • Heroic Kyros’ “Arcane Focus” ability VFX can remain on an enemy and continuously grow in size

Issues We’re Still Tracking

  • Players unable to sell accessories to Venge
  • Improved camera behavior, especially in small, and confined spaces
  • Wayfinder abilities firing off in the incorrect direction
  • Addressing feedback with single imbuement mutators
  • Tooth and Claw + Epitaph showing as a rifle
  • Talon of Pyre crashing Highlands*
* This issue was reported previously as resolved however we ended needing to troubleshoot a bit more before putting this fix in the live build

Help and Support

Customer Support Response Times

Due to the amount of issues that we saw launch week, our customer support has been slammed. We know some of you have been waiting a while for a response. We promise, we are working through these as fast as we can. While we work to catch up, we’ll also be fortifying processes and responses to hopefully streamline things and get back to players sooner.

In the meantime, you can stay up to date and be involved in the discussions through any of our social platforms.

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Hey Wayfinders, This One’s For You

From TennoCon to Gamescom, Wayfinder has been traveling everywhere to meet you all in person and bring the Wayfinder experience coast to coast. We have many more announcements coming down the pipeline as we continue Early Access and open up the game to even more players!

Speaking of Gamescom, Wayfinder made an appearance in the Level Infinite Showcase where we announced that the first content update is coming soon! It’ll include a new weapon, new hunts, new quests and more!

Make sure to check out our roadmap that is a joint effort of what the team is working on internally along with what we are working on based on your feedback: Wayfinder Roadmap

Finally, we wanted to take a brief moment to say thank you to our Wayfounders and those joining the growing Wayfinder community. You all standing beside us as we work to deliver the game you all have been eagerly waiting for has been keeping our teams moving forward as we see the demand continue to climb. The work never stops and there will be constant updates and communication as we head through Early Access. We are stronger together Wayfinders, and we can’t wait to explore this world with you.