We have begun the transition of Wayfinder from Digital Extremes to Airship Syndicate.

We thank Digital Extremes for helping jumpstart Wayfinder and getting us to this point in our journey.

Airship Syndicate owns the Wayfinder IP, and we have no plans to stop developing the game. We look forward to continuing to grow the game alongside our players as we take on operations.

The game has a long way to go in Early Access, but with belief from our players and our dedicated Airship crew, we can - and will! - get there.

Airship Syndicate

This website will not be updated during this transition period. Please visit discord.gg/wayfinder and our socials to stay up to date on the game and its development.

Posted On: November 2nd, 2023


Balance Adjustments with a message from the team

Hello, Wayfinders! We know nerfs are never fun, but we see these as necessary steps to achieve our goal of healthy long-term gameplay. Today we’re going to be adjusting some of the current extreme outliers, along with a small improvement to Hellswarm’s ability. In the near future, we’ll be further developing the identity and feel of each rifle sub-type, improve underperforming weapons, and improve the viability of choosing Defensive Stats & Ability Power in builds.


  • Reduced weapon ability scaling of Arcbeam by 17%.
  • Arcbeam is no longer affected by the bonus Weapon Power from active reload.


  • Reduced weapon ability Bulletstorm damage by 25%
  • Bulletstorm no longer builds Eagle Eye meter and cannot spawn an Eagle Eye target.
  • Removed the ability to fire while Bulletstorm is firing.


  • Increased the radius of the weapon ability Volcano by 37%.

Additional Updates

  • Fixed an issue causing the Reaver King and Marrow to become invisible and invulnerable after reviving.
  • Fixed the Equilibrium echo buff being removed on death.
  • Fixed players always returning to Deepwood Holt after activities.
  • Fixed the Reaver King’s Artifact overriding crit chance values instead of adding.
  • Fixed the incorrect store icon for the Legacy weapon.
  • Fixed the Hollow One Root not spawning for the Roots of Evil quest.
  • Fixed the Gourmet Slice trinket using the incorrect name.
  • Improved the visual cue hints for the Ring of Ashes side quest.