Posted On: May 1st, 2023

Your feedback in action

New features and improvements coming to Wayfinder

With Early Access coming this summer, we want to emphasize how invaluable our community’s feedback has been in shaping Wayfinder’s development. To all the dedicated Wayfinders who participated in our Closed Beta tests – thank you for your insights and support!

While we will conduct this next Closed Beta with an NDA in place, as the game is still truly in development, we are excited to share the following top requested features that have been implemented in advance of Early Access, and playable in the upcoming Closed Beta! While this is not an exhaustive list of all changes we’ve made, we wanted to highlight how our community has been integral in helping us prioritize and shape the future of Wayfinder.

Jump Dash and Movement Speed Increases

As a Wayfinder, we want you to not only feel powerful, but swift – whether it’s nimbly dancing around enemies in combat or mastering the terrain across Evenor! To assist with this maneuverability, we have added a jump dash and increased overall movement speed so you can now traverse dungeons and outplay opponents more quickly!

Movement While Queued

Freedom! You will no longer be confined while queued for dungeons. Once you queue up for a Lost Zone at the Gloom Gate, you’ll be free to move around town and to continue exploring the open world!

Material Codex

We know your time is precious, and we want to help you make the most of it. To streamline your gathering and crafting experience, we’ve introduced a Material Codex that will give you an approximation of where to find particular materials you are looking for!

Performance, Optimization and Stability Gains

Each Beta test gives us an opportunity to dramatically improve loading times between zones, frame rates and address server stability and crashes. We’ve made significant strides in these areas to ensure a smoother experience across all platforms by increasing frames on both lower specced and high end machines to almost double the performance in some situations! We’ve also fully implemented AMD’s FSR 2.2, resulting in greater performance gains when enabled. These adjustments will continue all the way up until Early Access.

Camera System Overhaul

When adventuring in interior locations or when locking onto enemies, it could at times become tricky to track your enemies or even your own character due to the twisted and maze-like nature of some of our Lost Zones. We’ve completely overhauled the camera system to provide smart detection for both walls and enemies in the world, automatically adjusting the camera’s positioning for a smoother, less frustrating experience.

Gameplay Adjustments

We’ve implemented numerous enhancements to improve gameplay with clearer FX animations for critical hits and guidance on when to block and parry to help mitigate damage, and a revamp to the Gloom Gate Mission and End of Mission screen!

We can’t wait for you to experience these exciting new additions and improvements, Wayfinder! This is just the tip of the iceberg, and we’ll continue to shape the game with the community’s help. If you’re taking part in the Global Closed beta we encourage you to get involved with the community and give us your feedback because we’re listening!

Don’t forget! Join us for the upcoming Global Closed Beta beginning on May 10 at 10 a.m. CT (3 p.m. UTC) and running until May 14 at 10 a.m. CT (3 p.m. UTC). There is still time to register! This time, Evenor is opening its doors to players all over the globe!

We hope to see you in Evenor, Wayfinder!