Posted On: August 1st, 2023

Making your home in Wayfinder

Everything you need to know about Player Housing in Early Access

After a long day of fighting the Gloom, having a safe and cozy place to call your own is going to be luxurious, and sooo necessary! In our recent and very first Dev Stream, we were excited to announce that Early Access on August 15 would feature Apartments, our first iteration of Player Housing, which you can customize with a variety of decorative items and even items that will help you on your adventures outside of your home! This system will continue to grow over time, so read on about what you’ll play in Early Access, as well as the future of housing!

What Will Be Available for Housing in Early Access


Your apartment is your home away from adventure so the first thing you’ll want to do is make it your own. Using a grid-snap system, liven up your space with a variety of placeable decorations. These decorations range from bookshelves to rugs, tables, stunning light fixtures and more! These items will be offered throughout the game and can be earned through the Reward Tower.


Having other Wayfinders as friends is great, but a Wayfinder’s best friend is their pet! In this early stage of housing development, you can place a pet in your home where they will stay and look after the place! Further down the road, we cannot wait to have pets accompany you outside of your home, and most importantly, let you pet them!

Artifacts and Trophies

Not only is your home a place for you to get creative and fully customize with decorations, but it will also give you the opportunity to improve your adventures outside of your home!

You’ll be able to enjoy revamping and reorganizing your home as new items will be added each season, and you may even be able to earn some special rewards through future seasonal events! Any Trophies and Artifacts that affect gameplay will be earnable in-game!

Further Developing Player Housing

Additional Customization

We’ll be looking forward to gathering player feedback from Early Access on Housing in order to continue developing what you want to see added and improved! Currently, we plan to add more levels of customization that will extend to flooring, wallpapers and more!

The Future of Housing

An exciting social feature we’ll be adding later to Wayfinder is Neighborhoods, where you can buy your own plot of land and choose where to settle down; you can even find a plot right next to a friend’s house that you will be able to visit! House sizing, room configuration and exterior decorations is something that Wayfinders can look forward to as well as Neighborhood quests, shared buffs from Artifacts, and Guild Neighborhoods, which we will have more information on at a later date!

Don’t forget that in order to participate in Early Access, you must purchase a Founder’s Pack! For those of you who purchased an Awakened or Exalted Founder Pack, enjoy immediate access to the exclusive Rimehunder Cub Pet and Founder’s Housing Decoration Set! So if you want a head start on decorating your house, be sure to grab a Founder’s Pack on August 15 and learn more about the other exclusive items available in each pack here.

We cannot wait to see how you make your space your very own! Start drawing up the blueprints in your mind Wayfinder, and be sure to grab a Founder’s Pack on August 15 when Early Access begins. See you in Evenor!