We have begun the transition of Wayfinder from Digital Extremes to Airship Syndicate.

We thank Digital Extremes for helping jumpstart Wayfinder and getting us to this point in our journey.

Airship Syndicate owns the Wayfinder IP, and we have no plans to stop developing the game. We look forward to continuing to grow the game alongside our players as we take on operations.

The game has a long way to go in Early Access, but with belief from our players and our dedicated Airship crew, we can - and will! - get there.

Airship Syndicate

This website will not be updated during this transition period. Please visit discord.gg/wayfinder and our socials to stay up to date on the game and its development.

Posted On: October 10th, 2023

Call of the Void Available Now

First Live Event, New Quests, New Weapon and more

We’re well into Founder’s Season 1 and it’s time for some new content along with Quality of Life updates! Our first mid-season update, Call of the Void, is now live.

Starting October 10, we’re bringing you our first ever live event to Wayfinder—it’s a limited time event available for only a few weeks that you won’t want to miss!

Prepare for battle by wielding the powerful new Juggernaut, a 2-Handed Breaker weapon, take on two new quests, and come face-to-face with formidable foes including Talon of Pyre and an all new boss, Bloodbore. Plus, receive a special Gloom Dagger Skin “Dawning Hope” for completing the event while it’s active! Anyone can join this event, regardless of your level.

Experience Call of the Void now by purchasing any Founder’s Pack—available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Community Live Stream

Celebrate with us today and join Sir_Snarf (Alex) from the community team at 2 p.m. CT over on our Twitch Channel. He’ll be exploring the mid-season update and live event. Don’t miss it!

As mentioned above, we have a lot of Quality of Life game updates to share--



  • Talon of Pyre now spawns every 2 hours, down from every 4 hours.
  • Fixed an issue with SIlo’s rank 3 Fire Bomb causing server crashes.
  • Fixed the issue causing Ryv’n to be instantly killed in certain parts of the arena.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be kicked from the game when looting gold piles in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue where player loadouts would sometimes be different than what they launched the activity with.
  • Fixed an issue causing Mastery perks to deactivate after traveling.
  • Fixed the issue with Heroic Kyros’s Arcane Focus staying on an enemy indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue where Kyros’s Arcane Focus VFX would not apply to all enemies hit by the ability.
  • Fixed an issue where some weapons could continue to generate resources during their active abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where players could loot Drill Fuel too early and get stuck in the Excavation Unit event.
  • Lowered the Hobgoblins outgoing damage.
  • Lowered the potency of the Unfiltered Dragonkin Blood consumable.
  • Fixed the Toxic imbuement DoT being permanently stuck on the player, even after death.
  • The Toxic imbuement DoT can no longer pierce invincibility.
  • Players can no longer avoid Commander Creed’s enrage phase damage by standing in the corners of the arena.
  • Added a warning indicator to Commander Creed’s Blade Geyser.
  • Fixed an issue with Silo’s Proto-Clone rank 2 upgrade not working with Runecannons.
  • Silo’s Strategic Charge affinity perk should now increase ultimate charge gain.
  • The First should now teleport more often as intended.
  • Critical Force mastery should now properly increase crit chance.
  • Fixed an issue with Night’s Maw burrowing and not returning to the arena.
  • Fixed multiple issues where imbuement effects would not reset after a hunt wipe.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck in a blocking state with 2-Handed weapons.
  • Trickster events should now deplete the intended amount of keys.
  • The Gloom Rot debuff should no longer persist indefinitely.
  • Harvest Moon - Light and Shadow ability should now properly have stagger protection.
  • Fixed an issue with Epitaph’s - Arcane Harvest getting canceled by Wayfinder abilities.
  • The Ninth Herald’s vacuum attack should no longer launch players in an unintended way.
  • Fixed an issue where the visuals of debuffs would apply to the player if hit during an invulnerability window.
  • Fixed some unintended interactions between the Shadowspawn and Corpsebloom mutators in the Grand Deceiver Maras hunt.
  • Players should now be able to break the eggs spawned by Frosthunters in Reaver Woods.
  • Removed the large bomb outcome from the Treasure Hunt mounds in Highlands.
  • Titan’s Bane - Molten Cleave should no longer abruptly end after jumping or dodging.
  • Trickster bombs from chests will now show a ground warning before exploding.
  • Fixed an issue where Wingraves melee combos with 2 handed weapons would start over after using Righteous Strike.
  • The Trickster’s Chest event will no longer spawn. Other Trickster games (including a new one) will spawn instead in any biome.
  • Silo’s Rank 2 Oil Bomb should now function correctly.
  • Fixed an issue causing Soulbound Chests to award only 1 Gloomstone Shard.
  • Fixed level issues causing some loot from Machinery events in the Mines to land in unreachable spaces.


  • Adjusted the Tangled Webs quest to credit players outside the immediate range when a crystal is destroyed, and reduced the objective requirement to 1.
  • Updated Project Re-Venge to count Goblin Ichorites for the objective.
  • Love After Gloomfall should now display HUD markers in the correct locations.


  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t equip Wayfinders or Weapons with identical Rush echoes equipped in other setups.
  • Rush Echoes should now decrease in cost when empowered by Echo Fusion.
  • Fixed an issue where the icons for Wayfinders were incorrect when opening the character menu.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the cost reduction for equipping echoes in a matching slot would not apply.
  • Fixed an issue where the Basic Housing item set was granting the incorrect items.
  • Fixed a visual bug causing Affinity perks to unlock at levels 4 and 14 instead of 5 and 15.


  • Fixed the flickering VFX from Titan’s Bane and Radiant Dawn weapons in the Gloomsphere UI Menu.
  • Adjusted holster positions for some Rifle skins to be better positioned on the Wayfinder.
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor would appear during load screens.
  • Fixed an issue where party chat was not available for all party members.
  • Fixed an issue where some achievements would unlock without meeting the requirements.
  • Fixed an issue causing trophies to not unlock after meeting the criteria.
  • Fixed an issue where keyboard icons weren’t displaying in the duplicate bindings warning.
  • Fixed an issue causing character models to become invisible.
  • Fixed Kyros’ Revenant persona shop preview.
  • The Reward Tower now displays your current Battlepass level in the Reward Tower.
  • The lock-on indicator should now appear on all Hunt bosses.

Known Issues

  • Some quest text might refer to Bloodbore as "Drill Machine" or "Drill Bug".
  • At times the waypoint marker for "Call of the Void" can become stuck on screen.