Posted On: July 19th, 2023

Early Access arrives August 15!

Become a WayFounder!

Wayfinder, we know you have been waiting for more news and updates on the game, and we are truly thankful for your patience while we work hard to create an unforgettable experience for you. What we have built from the helping hands of the community has led us to this monumental moment:

Wayfinder will be released in Early Access with Gloom Break: Founder’s Season 1 on August 15 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC

This is just the start of our journey and hearing from our players during Early Access will be fundamental in helping us take Wayfinder to the next level. In the meantime, here’s everything that you need to know in preparation for the big day!

What is Wayfinder?

Wayfinder is a character-driven, Online Action Role Playing Game featuring unique and continuingly developing adventures! In Early Access Founder’s Season 1, take up arms as any of the six powerful Wayfinders -- including the all-new sharpshooting Venomess -- and fight back against the Gloom spreading across Evenor.

Explore, quest, hunt, and gather crafting materials to upgrade your Wayfinder in six different Lost Zones. Each Wayfinder can wield a variety of weapons across four Weapon Classes: Sword and Shield, Dual Blade, Rifle, and Two-Handed Melee.

Whether you enjoy being in the thick of battle or causing chaos from afar, there’s a character and playstyle for everyone, with more Wayfinders and rewards being added each season.

Founder’s Packs

Founder’s Packs are your way into Early Access! Along with access to the game, the Founder’s Packs will be available in four tiers: Base, Initiate, Awakened and Exalted. These tiers offer a variety of exclusive Founder’s rewards including housing items, cosmetic sets, mounts & pets, and even a unique, never-to-be sold again version of Kyros!

For more detailed information about Founder’s Packs, check out our Founder’s Pack Page here.

The Reward Tower

What is the Reward Tower?

Another perk for being a Wayfounder, each Founder’s Pack grants you varying levels of access to the Founder’s Season 1 and 2 Reward Tower. You’ll be able to climb the Tower, charting your own path and select rewards along the way. Gain XP as you play, earning Reward Tower Keys that can be used to unlock different rewards across all the floors of the Reward Tower. Rewards include crafting components needed for that Season’s new Wayfinder and their Unique Style Set. Other rewards include Color Dyes, Emotes, Weapon & Dagger Skins, Trinkets, Sprays, Charms, Housing Decorations and Pets, and more!

Will I lose access to earn Reward Tower items after the Founder’s Season Ends?

Worried your time will run out to complete the Reward Tower before the season ends? Fear not, Wayfinder!

A season’s Reward Tower can be purchased at any time during that active season, plus it will never expire*!

This means that as long as you purchase a Season Reward Tower before that season concludes, you can explore it at any time, unlocking rewards at your own pace. You can even have more than one Season Reward Tower at a time, and though you can only play through one at a time, you can switch whenever you’d like!

*Please note this does not apply to the Free Reward Tower.

Gloom Break - Founder’s Season 1

Be sure to check out what each Founder’s Pack grants you in The Reward Tower here, as each Season’s Reward Tower will give access to different Seasonal rewards and rooms!

*A free Reward Tower option will be available after Founder’s Season 1. While access to The Reward Tower will be available with the free option, limited rooms will be available to explore.


The Founder’s Season 1 Reward Tower also includes Wayfinder’s newest character - Venomess! Earn her crafting components in the Reward Tower with the Base Pack or Initiate Pack, or gain instant access to both her and her signature weapon Nightshade, plus a bonus season-exclusive Style with the Awakened Pack or Exalted Pack!

Watch Venomess in action in her very own animated trailer below!

Plus Earn over 100 unique items!

Every Founder’s Pack grants the opportunity to earn over 100 unique items in the Reward Tower. Plus, you can upgrade your Founder’s Pack at any time during Early Access! The Reward Tower tiers you have access to depend on which Founder’s Pack you purchase.

Weapon Skins

Give your Weapons a new look with an assortment of striking Weapon Skins.

Housing Decorations and Housing Pet

Customize your Apartment with a variety of Housing Decorations and a Housing Pet.

Check out more details about the Reward Tower and how it works here.

Team up Across Platforms on August 15th!

Whatever Founder’s tier you decide fits you best, from the bottom of our battle-worn boots, we thank you. Participating in Early Access will continue to help us build this game with the most dedicated Wayfinders’ input and experience so that we can deliver the best version of Wayfinder at full release. For more information please visit our FAQ here.

Join forces with your friends and play Wayfinder across both PlayStation and PC during Early Access! Prepare to face the Gloom in Early Access on August 15, because Wayfinders are stronger together!