Posted On: December 6th, 2022

Wayfinder FAQ

Your burning questions answered!

What is Wayfinder?

Wayfinder is a character-based, online action role playing game. You’ll choose from a variety of characters to control, each with unique play styles and abilities and harness their power to defend against enemies that seek to destroy their beloved world. You can endlessly customize your adventures, making no two the same. Explore dungeons, hunt beasts, and battle enemies with friends to gather crafting materials for weapons, housing, augments and more that will be of utmost importance in strengthening your character and pushing back a hostile force called the Gloom.

Is this an original Game?

Yes, Wayfinder is a totally new, and original game from Airship Syndicate.

What is the inspiration for the game?

With some of our past titles it was easier to point to classic games for inspiration. Darksiders was clearly Zelda, and Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a love letter to Final Fantasy and other JPRGs. This new project is more nuanced. Some of our fondest memories when gaming are the stories we made, and the worlds that we shared with friends and thousands of others. We want to capture that feeling of an MMO – getting online, hanging out with friends and making new ones, going on countless adventures, building a diverse community -- and seeing the world grow over time is a massive motivation for us on this project.

Where is Wayfinder being released and when?

Wayfinder will be in Early Access in Spring 2023 on PC and PlayStation consoles, and will be free-to-play on multiple platforms in Fall 2023.

When can I play it?

You could play as early as December 13! We’ll be kicking off our first PC test where we’ll be inviting a small number of players to see the world of Wayfinder. We are testing core systems and technology for the game, so this test is covered under a strict NDA (no streaming, or discussion of the game). Sign up today here for your chance to get an early look! Future playtests and betas will be streamable and shareable.

What does Control the Chaos mean?

In Wayfinder, the world has been overtaken by the Gloom, and as a Wayfinder, you’re one of the few powerful enough to push it back. To cease the Gloom’s devastating spread, you’ll be entering areas called Lost Zones. Everything the Gloom touches results in shifting change and chaos.This chaos means that no two adventures into the Lost Zones are the same. As a Wayfinder you can control this chaos using a Gloom Dagger -- allowing you to customize your expedition into the Gloom with mutators. These mutators can dictate the enemies you encounter, the crafting materials you might gather and more. But beware, every time you attempt to control the chaos, the Gloom pushes back with its own augmentations and modifications to enemy damage, environmental hazards and more.

Do I make a character?

In Wayfinder, you play powerful characters that are born of the Gloom. Each character is fully voice acted with a storied past with shared connections and relationships (good and bad) with other characters in the world. You’ll learn about our cast of Wayfinders both inside and outside of the game! You can also switch between characters at will, and all of your progress is saved. We encourage you to play multiple characters as you’ll unlock bonuses and mastery points account wide!

Can I customize my character?

Yes! Although you’ll be controlling a Wayfinder, no two are alike. You can customize both the look of your character as well as how it plays. Choose which weapon to use, what mods to apply, what talents and skills to augment your powers and abilities with and more.

What does a typical play session look like?

The world of Evenor offers endless exploration opportunities for players to make each session a unique and exciting adventure. The foundation of our gameplay focuses on character advancement through hunting specific enemies and gathering specialized crafting components to make you and your friends stronger.

Can I play Wayfinder solo?

While Wayfinder is a social game at heart, it features a main story quest, side objectives and other stories that can be experienced solo. However, a lot of the game’s more challenging content will require friends (old and new!) to help you overcome them.

Will there be Housing?

Yes! Apartments will be something that is more than just a social space in Wayfinder. They’ll be important to our core play experience and act as a second “paper doll” of sorts where you can upgrade and augment your power. Stay tuned for more details on this later on!

How many weapons are there?

Currently we have four different weapon classes. In our reveal trailer you’ll notice Sword and Shield, Dual Blades, Rifles, and Two Handed Melee. Remember, each character can equip any weapon they choose and each weapon has a unique ability meaning one dual blade can cause all their auto attacks to slow enemies for a duration, while another could give you a brand new dashing movement ability. These abilities allow for further customizing how you play and build your Wayfinder. We’ll continue to expand both the weapon classes available and the weapons in future updates!

Is the game Cross Play and Cross Save?

Yes! Wayfinder will be completely Cross Play and Cross Save meaning you’ll be able to play anywhere you want and with all your friends regardless of what platform you are playing on!

What will you be selling?

With the help of Digital Extremes, we have fully embraced Warframe’s free-and-fair monetization. Everything that we’ll be selling in-game is earnable via play. We will have more details to come at a later date!

Is Wayfinder an MMO?

In a lot of ways this is our spin on the MMOs that have inspired us throughout the years. We believe at their core, MMOs are about community, an evolving world, and persistence when you log off. Wayfinder hits all three of those MMO-defining-notes and we’ll continue to grow and evolve the world and experience for years to come.

Will the game be playable offline?

No, Wayfinder is an ever-changing world where social interactions are an integral part of the gameplay experience. You will need to be online to play.

How is Digital Extremes involved?

Digital Extremes brings years of experience and knowledge when it comes to creating vast, story-rich online worlds that are player friendly, community-driven and ever-changing. Digital Extremes is publishing Wayfinder and lending their invaluable expertise across all aspects of the game. We here at Airship Syndicate are the developers of the game.

What languages will the game be available in?

Wayfinder will support English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese.

What is the business model?

Wayfinder will be free-to-play. We’ll give you more details at a later date, but our philosophy is to maintain a free and fair environment where all our content can be purchased or earned via playing.

Where can I follow Wayfinder?

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