Posted On: December 6th, 2022

Adventure into Wayfinder

Control the Chaos to restore Evenor



Imagine a world of magic and wonder, a world where arcanists bend reality to their will and mighty warmasters weave spells into steel. Imagine a band of champions joining forces to save that world from an ancient, deadly evil… and failing. The Precursors have slain the celestial Architects and our world is being consumed by the Gloom. Reality is breaking down. A dark energy is spreading across the land, shrouding it in corruption and ultimately collapsing reality into chaos. Reavers and brigands fight over the ruins, and deep within the shadows the Precursors hunt the last of our gods.

The apocalypse is over. The great battle was lost and the world is dying. Reality is collapsing, and brigands and looters fight over the scraps that have been left behind. But for the survivors, you are their last hope.

You are a Wayfinder.

In Wayfinder you are one of the last champions of the accursed dying world. You are an echo of a fallen hero, but you have survived the Gloom that is consuming the world and returned with the power to fight it. You can walk on the edge of reality and live to tell the tale, reconnecting the scattered pieces of this broken world. But first you must defeat the reavers and the raiders that keep your world frayed. Along with your fellow Wayfinders, you must protect the survivors huddled around your beacon of light from these monsters that prey on them – both human and otherwise.

Sooner or later, you must face the fiends who slew our gods and broke the world. You must remember who you were…

…and decide who you will become.

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