Posted On: August 10th, 2023

Adventure Awaits in Early Access

All you need to know to begin your Wayfinder journey on August 15

The doors to Wayfinder are opening wide for all adventurers as Early Access begins on August 15, and we want to ensure that you are as prepared as you can be to choose your path and stand up to the Gloom.

Become a WayFounder!

In order to join in on the action-packed adventures, you will need to purchase a Founder’s Pack! While you can’t pre-purchase a pack just yet, they will be available here on August 15 at 12 p.m. CT when the game goes live!

Be sure to check out what all of the different tiers – Base, Initiate, Awakened and Exalted – have to offer, like a Heroic version of Kyros, elegant style sets, cosmetic sets, housing decorations and more!

Why Early Access?

Early Access is just the start of our adventure. With Early Access, we are expanding the Wayfinder community to start building the game alongside us. This important time allows us to establish a solid foundation to build on for years to come. Our Founder’s program isn’t just about backing the team; it’s a way to celebrate and reward those players involved with the early development of Wayfinder. Most importantly, we’ll continue learning about what you want to see implemented and improved in order for us to deliver the best experience when we launch into full release.

Early Access Features

The Reward Tower

Each Founder’s Pack grants you varying levels of access to the Founder’s Season 1 and 2 Reward Towers. You’ll be able to chart your own path through the Tower, gain XP as you play, and earn Reward Tower Keys that can be used to unlock different rewards. Rewards include crafting components needed for new Wayfinders and their unique style set, color dyes, emotes, weapon skins, trinkets, sprays, charms, housing decorations, pets and more! Best of all, both paid and premium tiers of each Season’s Reward Tower will never expire! Play at your own pace, and return to previous Seasons in the future once you’re ready. You can learn more about the Reward Tower here.

Player Housing

Early Access will feature our first iteration of player housing! Wayfinders will be able to make a cozy, customizable apartment with a variety of decorations! Liven up your space and place special items such as Trophies and Artifacts to buff your adventures outside your home like gold and power increases, extra heals for you and your allies and more!

Kickstart your interior design journey by purchasing the Founder’s Awakened or Exalted Packs to get the limited-time, exclusive Rimehunter Cub Housing Pet and Founder’s Housing Decoration Set. All other items can be earned by playing and completing the Reward Tower or buying them from the shop.

Cross Play, Cross Save, and Player Progression

You’ll be able to play anywhere you want and with all your friends across both PlayStation and PC during Early Access! On top of that, progression in Early Access will be saved on your account and carried over when the game fully releases! No more progression resets!

Supported Languages

We are thrilled to share that Wayfinder is reaching a wide range of players globally by supporting a variety of languages through text and audio! Currently in Early Access, Wayfinder will support English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese.

Connect With the Team

As with any Early Access game, you may experience some minor bugs and limitations as you explore Evenor. Be sure to join the Official Wayfinder Discord to stay up to date on known bugs and other issues, and connect with our supportive (and growing) community. We will also have a Feature Upvote site available on August 15 where you’re encouraged to submit feedback and report bugs. The site will be open for submissions once Early Access begins.

We can’t wait to see you in Evenor!

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